Hope in ombieland

Hope in zombieland Episode 3 By David Eniex Tomiwa 08178838382 'Ouch' I shouted as it fell on my hand 'Oh sorry, am very sorry. Hope it doesn't hurt so much?' she said as she observe my hand. I wasn't really feeling the pains since looking at her face was just a pain-killer. I kept admiring … Continue reading Hope in ombieland


In my silence

In my silence By #David_eniex_tomiwa * I wish you could hear The words my breath speak I wish you have ears far beyound your head You've got the perfect eyes lost in a glooming light Face, things it see Not my drowning self in the emotional sea * My mouth shiver like counting a hundred … Continue reading In my silence

Future In Hopelessness by David Eniex Tomiwa

Future In Hopelessness 😥 By David Eniex Tomiwa . Thousands years in a spot . makes me wonder if there is a saviour . i see tears in elders' sweat . i see 'em starring up so high . is there any hope up 'here? . i heard the cries of hungry men . i … Continue reading Future In Hopelessness by David Eniex Tomiwa

Hope in Zombieland

Hope in Zombieland Episode 2 By David Eniex Tomiwa I don't know what to do, I'm shocked and afraid seeing the most scaring thing in my life. It's very slow but I couldn't think fast either. * Pooh!! * It fell down lifeless and all I could see now is Nuel pointing his gun at … Continue reading Hope in Zombieland

Hope In Zombieland

Hope in Zombieland By David_eniex_tomiwa 08178836382 After been in the truck for the past two hours, I started to have bad feelings that something bad is about to happen (with me are 9 other youth soldiers and one driver and a team leader sitting in the front seat. making 12 soldiers in a truck. There … Continue reading Hope In Zombieland


I think we should give this a deep thought . why do people fall in love and get hurts? . the redish pretty cook! * just a taste you drive us a fool * Joy and smile are to rule the day * You pause along the way and fade away * Don't you have … Continue reading SAVING OUR HEART FROM FALLING

Highschool love By David Eniex Tomiwa Episode 3 I walk majestically towards home not even waiting for my friends. On getting home, I undress, shower and put my uniform in our old washing machine then turn it on. I put on another cloth, ready to go and meet uncle jay our neighbour. I was praying in my mind he is around unless hmmm , lemme just keep mute. I walk sluggishly toward his door. I knock gently ko ko ko. He didn’t reply. I knock again, then his voice came through Jay: who is there? Me: it’s me bros, david. Jay: oh david my sure boy. Come in now. ‘he said as he ushered me in’ You just come and play, right as usual. Me: no,i wanna tell you something. Jay: what is that my boy? Me: there is a girl who just came to our class this morning, bros if you see that girl eh. In short, she should be the miss nigeria. So cute and beautiful. and I feel something for her, may be love but I don’t know how to go about it. Jay: (laughing) hmmm david is falling in love. Well, I will just advice you……………….(then we heard a knock on the door) who is that? Enoch: it’s me, mummy told me to call david. Jay: david mummy is calling you…we will talk better tomorrow. I felt a pain in my head but there is nothing I could do. I walk angrily with enoch to our house. Me:good afternoon ma Mummy: what is good there. Why do you put on the washing machine and forget to off it.. Me: I’m sorry ma, I forgot to off it. Lemme go and off it now. Mummy: oponu, I will wait for U…come on go and teach ur brother his home work Me: thank you ma(though I’m not happy) I teach my brother angrily.later we eat our supper and went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep…favour’s face keep appearing in my view. The way she look at me, her tiny voice, everything is just playing back in my brain…to be continue Highschool Episode 4 Later I slept off…i was woke up by my mummy for morning prayer the next day. After the prayer, I greet mum and dad and went straight to the bathroom to take my bath. In the bathroom many thought runs through my head. How will I let her know how I feel? or should I pretend as If I don’t care about her…many thought keeps coming yet don’t know which one to follow. After the bath, I wear my uniform, went straight to the dining table and have my breakfast of fried eggs and bread. I quickly finished the food, take my bag and headed for school. ***********classroom*********** Mr tony, our mathematics teacher entered the class. We greeted him, he replied and write something on the board. x + 2 = 7. Find x. Then he turned to us, ‘pls who can solve this’. Many hands was up including the favour, the new girl. But he didn’t pick anyone of us. He pointed at Kunle(Kunle swagger) a boy well known for troublemaking. Kunle: sir, are you talking to me Mr Tony: yes you! Kunle: but the question is wrong? Mr Tony: why do you say that? Kunle: cos there is no x missing, that is x now infront of +. (everybody Burst into laughter) Mr Tony: you must be mad upstair…Now get out of my class now!!! Kunle: but sir…. Mr Tony: I said get out!!! I can believe a sss2 student can solve this simple equation. Kunle walked out. Then he pointed to favour to solve the equation. she solved it…and mr Tony was happy. This make my feelings for her grow more. Later, the teacher went out and breaktime bell was rang. ************breaktime********** I saw favour in the kiosk so I walk up to her. ‘hey favour’ ‘yea’ ‘hmmm, actually to cut the long story short I wanna be a friend’ ‘pls, I’m not here to make friends, okay’ she said sharply as she walked out of me. I felt embarrassed and the same time sad. So I walk jejeli to my class. Take out a novel (arms and the man) and started reading. Then Anne, one of my female friend and probably frank’s girl friend, walked to me and offer a sausage roll but I decline. ‘Why?????’ ‘nothing, I’m just full’ ‘okay, where is frank and john? ‘i think they are still downstair’ ‘Why are you not together, are you guys quarreling? ‘Nooooooo, it’s just that I want to be alone’ ‘hmmm, is anything the problem’ ‘no,’ ‘hmmm, I believe there is something wrong cos this is not the same david. She said and went back to her place. Time went and went and we called it a day. I take my bag and went home…..to be continued

Highschool Love reloaded Highschool love. A story by david Eniex Episode 1 ‘hello class’ The voice of the principal came loud and clear. All she was saying go in one ear and out the other ‘cos all my attention was on the young, beautiful damsel beside her. She is cute and neat. ‘She must be the new student’ I think. The principal ask her to introduce herself ‘good morning everyone. My name is favour’ she said innocently Then the principal tell us to introduce ourselves one after the other. When it reach my turn. I couldn’t utter a reasonable word ‘Yea, my name……Name is……., I’m sorry, I’m a David’ I managed to say it at last.’ The class was just laughing at me. Even Frank, one of my friend (nicknamed poka) was laughing like a baby. Well, All I could just utter out is ‘sorry’. To cut the long story short, the principal later returned to her office after showing the girl her seat. Then Poka, whispers into my ear. ‘hey guy, that girl is cute o, abi sire(sire is my nickname in the class’ ‘hmmm, maybe’ ‘hey don’t start again o, stop pretending ‘cos i see how you’re running youur eyes all over her, you even forgot your name when you was asked to introduced yourself. Just say the truth’ he said smiling ‘okay she is cute’ ‘now you’re now talking’ ‘Poka, let leave that one, just teach me this topic before I forget’ Though he taught me but I couldn’t comprehend anything,all I could do is just to nod my head so that he won’t notice me. If I tell him I still don’t understand I can be a laughing-stock for that day. So I decided to keep it to myself, I will know it when the time come. Later, I was with my friends. Poka was cracking a joke and everybody was laughing but I didn’t give a damn look at that. all in my mind is about favour, the new comer. can this be love????? … Episode 2 I was deep in thought when john hit me with his finger. ‘hey buddy, what are you thinking or are you sick? he asked ‘don’t mind him jare. He is not sick. I know what the matter Is ? Poka interrupted ‘ok Poka, stop that! you know nothing about me….okay’ I said almost pissed off ‘what? do I need to know more than this? Frank ask rhetorically ‘Poka, pls I don’t understand you, what are you guys saying? John said confused ‘wo, jeki jesi’ said frank ‘jamisi’ said john ‘do you know that girl?’ John ask ‘which one’ ‘the one wey just come to our class, wey dey do her eyes like weechi weechi’ said frank ‘oh oh deborah’ john said ‘see this one too deborah Ko rebecca ni …. I mean favour! Joor’ frank said ‘oh favour, what happen to her? He asked ‘she is the girl…she is the girl disturbing his brain. Since she came into the class david has be acting strange’ ‘is that true, sire.(laughing) Omo you don’t make me for in love….’ I was just looking, I don’t even know what to say. If I tell them how actually I feel. They will just be making jest of me. ( break time is over). As we are going to the class, at the class entrance, favour was coming out and I was going in so I bumped into her and her book fell down. I quickly pick it up but instead she look at me like an animal Favour: you better face where you’re going… me: I’m sorry Favour : sorry for urself…Mtcheew My eyes follow her as she walked away. Then Poka came to me laughing Frank: sorry lover boy Me: hey don’t start again pls Frank : sorry I’m just saying We went to the class just….2hrs later. The school has closed. I will need to tell uncle jay about this girl. He is the only one who can give me hint..sure that what I will do:……young sire for life….i can feel the happiness in me as if myproblem will be solve seeing him …………….to be continue Copyright David Eniex Tomiwa

When You Come Around

When you come around . You lay my gentle heart Upon A lovely ground On my face, you left a smile In my heart, a thousand joy is find All this happens when you come around. . your finger wipe away tears Your present chase away fear Your face beam with care Your hold my … Continue reading When You Come Around

No more you

No more you We used to be so close Shared problems and pains In sunshine or rains Yet buddy, you remain! . We used to hold hands Holding it very tight Resting on each other shoulders Nothing would never come between us . We did argue and fought Laugh together, sometimes cry Like iron sharpen … Continue reading No more you