In Love with a Chorister. Episode 2

The next day, Hamez was the first to wake up at around 6:00am. He went to where Tina is sleeping hoping she will have woke up but she was still sleeping. ‘poor girl, she is very tired’. He won’t want to disturb her so he went to take his bath and headed to bathroom. He take his bath and brush his teeth. He dressed up and went to the kitchen putting on his apron to fried eggs. After frying the eggs, he bring out the toasting machine and toast some slices of bread. After getting everything done, he Served them on the table. He go to the quest room to check on her again, he was surprised to see Tina awake. She is now applying make-up.

Hamez: good morning Tina.

Tina: Good morning.

Hamez: how was your night?

Tina: it’s was cool tho…

Hamez: anyway, your food is ready. You can join me on the dinner table if you’re through.

Tina: have you cook?

Hamez: yes,

Tina: what?

Hamez: toast bread and fried egg

Tina: really? I will join you soon.

Hamez: Just be fast about it unless it get cold

Hamez went to the dining table and wait for her. She come out and sit down on a chair facing Hamez. He served her and they started eating.

Tina: hmmm, you’re a good cook!

Hamez: you like it?

Tina: yea, you really tried

Hamez: thanks dear.

After finish eating, Hamez packed the plate and take it the kitchen.

Hamez: *so this girl is a spoilt brat, she can’t even collect the plate from me talkless of washing it and she is forming lovergirl. Mtcheew* Are you ready now?

Tina: yea,

Hamez: can we go now ‘cos I don’t want to be late for work.

Tina: ok

He took his car key and leave the room, He drive out of compound and drove to the main street.

Hamez: i will just stop at that bank and withdraw from that Atm machine

Tina: ok,
Hamez got down and step towards the Atm machine. He put in his atm machine and withdraw 30k. He get into the car and handed 20k to her.

Tina: thanks dearie*peg him*

Hamez: *that’s for the sex, idiot!* don’t mention dear.

He drive to the junction and drop her. ‘may we see no more, bitch!’ he said within him. He then drive to his office. As he get there, his secretary greeted him and reply

Secretary: good morning sir

Hamez: good morning, how’re you?

Secretary: fine sir

Hamez: did anybody ask of me?

Secretary: no sir.

Hamez: thank you.

He opened his office door and enter. He sit down on his seat and relax. Suddenly, his phone started to ring. He check the caller it’s Ayo

Hamez: hey buddy! What’s up?

Ayo: fine, how was your night and that babe

Hamez: oh mehn, that babe? She got a nice p***y

Ayo: hamez! I trust you

Hamez: but she got no manners

Ayo: before koh? What do you expect from a street girl. Anyway Sandra told me to thank you. She really loves the present

Hamez: oh that’s nice of her.greet her for me too.

Ayo: ok, bye

Hamez: bye.
As he dropped his phone, a thought run into his mind. ‘I think I should call Bisola’. Bisola is a childhood friend of Hamez. They are once a neigbour before he went out of the country. They shared a lot of things back then though they do fight alot then but are they are grown now.
Bisola: hello Hamez,it’s good you remember me today

Hamez: i’m just busy these days, you understand now

Bisola: ok o, how is work?

Hamez: it’s fine and how ‘ ya doing?

Bisola: I’m fine too, why don’t you just make it up to me with lunch?

Hamez: okay, will 2:30pm be okay?

Bisola: yea, at KFC

Hamez: okay dear, bye.

Bisola: bye.

Bisola hang up, she is very happy. For some time now, she hasn’t set her eyes on the cool cute dude. Finally, she will be meeting him again sharing things. ‘ko, ko, ko’ a knock interrupted her.

Bisola: hello who is there? The door is not locked, you can come in. (Mercy come in with her pink gown not short nor long with a natural hair beautiful packed by a band.Mercy is a close friend of Bisola who is very religious. She is a christian infact a chorister in her church) Mercy!

Mercy: bisola, how are you?

Bisola: I’m fine o, long time no see

Mercy: abi ooo

Bisola: why don’t you call me since all these days?

Mercy: I’m sorry dear, I’m just busy?

Bisola: hmmm, you won’t stop being a holy girl. No makeup nor necklace, nothing.

Mercy: well, I love myself being natural and that what the Lord wants from us. *noticing Bisola’s mood*I sense you’re happy

Bisola: yes ooo,

Mercy: gist me then

Bisola: it’s a guy. I thought he has forgotten me, he just called now and he is making it up to me with a lunch.

Mercy: really? So it’s because of a guy. Wait, do you have any cordial relationship

Bisola: yea, she used to be my friend back then

Mercy: really?

Bisola: I wish you can come with me to see this guy, he is very cute! He just came back from a Canada like 7months ago.

Mercy: why should I come with you? What if you wanted to have some confidential talk?

Bisola: confidential talk as how?

Mercy: you know now*wink*

Bisola: you’re not serious. oops! What should I offer you. I’m sorry pardon my manner

Mercy: ooo, I know that’s your shortcoming so why should I be angry? Just give me anything?

Bisola: naughty girl, I’m coming(Bisola went to her fridge and offer mercy some chinchin and a table water. They started discussing from one topic to another until 2:OOpm when Mercy leave. Bisola quickly changed his dress, she wear a skimpy back gown with a touch of yellow. A silver shoe and silver necklace. She applied make-up to make herself look more beautiful. When she is through with this the time is already 2:26. She quickly rush out take a bike, she will have take her own car but since she is going on a date. She believe Hamez will drop her when they are through. Hamez is in KFc waiting patiently for her. He put a call through to her when he checked the time which is already 2:35 and she said she is very near. ‘women, they are not time-conscious’…episode 3 loading xxxxxxxxxxx


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