IN Love with a Chorister…episode 3

As she entered, he waved to her. She see him and smile with side of her. She walk to him and seat infront of him with her face glooming with make-up. Bisola is a pretty girl even without make-up but the make-up add to it. It give her face a good shape. He call the waiterh

Hamez: hello dear, so what will you like to have?

Bisola: hmmm.*as i she is thinking about it* chicken and chip{

Hamez: *face the waiter* same and add 5alive with it.

Waiter: okay sir, two minutes*walk away*

Hamez: long time oo, how is everything and your family?

Bisola: everything is fine ooo… you just decided to ignore us since all these days

Hamez: c’mon, will you stop dragging? I think i have explained why to you on the phone.

Bisola: hmmm, you haven’t change with the way you talk. Ok,fine. How is everything with you?

Hamez: fine*waiter served their food*

Bisola: (started to eat) and your girlfriend or fiancee?*flirty smile*

Hamez:: *smiling*

Bisola: why smiling, is it funny?

Hamez: it’s kind of…

Bisola: anyway answer my question…or do you want to tell me you don’t have any girlfriend?

Hamez: I just don’t any serious one for now…

Bisola: really? Why? You’re not getting young o, I hope you know that?

Hamez: I know but I can’t just jump into any relationship now

Bisola: so you mean you don’t have any girlfriend?

Hamez: I can’t answer that

Bisola:hmmm, I’m suspecting you.

Hamez: of what?

Bisola: you flirts around abi?

Hamez: *laughing* You’re just funny?

Bisola: isn’t the Hamez i know

Hamez: what if I’ve changed? Well, how about your boyfriend?

Bisola: you’re trying to change the topic, right?

Hamez: *wink*

Bisola:huh*rolling eye ball*…you won’t stop being childish

Hamez: do you know what?

Bisola: what dear?

Hamez: I remember those days when we are still young. What you used to do. You will always tell me my parent the truth that I do play football at school and how you used to escape the cat with fees in school. We used to fight like cat and rat…Then, honestly you just too garrulous. You used to tell my mummy everything and I end up been beaten. Infact, you can talk your your intestine!…

Bisola: you’re not serious.*smiling* you’re too stubborn. Must you got yourself dirty. Infact you love football too much! And must you cheat your parent? But honestly when you went out of the country, I really missed you

Hamez: really? I thought you really hate me then.

Bisola: ahh, you just don’t know how it feels when you have no rival again

Hamez: just kidding…I really missed you too.

Bisola: really?

Hamez: yea…*check the time* after 3…I think we should be leaving now or what do you think?

Bisola: do you want to do anything at home?

Hamez: not really, I’m not really comfortable in this place. We can go to my house. Atleast you will use this opportunity to know where I stays

Bisola: ok,

Hamez: ok i’m coming let me pay for the food.
Or will you like a take away

Bisola: no no, I’m okay

Hamez: okay I’m coming(he walk up to cashier and pay with his atm card and come back to her) can we go now.

Bisola: ok(they walked out of the restaurant and headed towards his car. He unlocked the door with the remote and open the door for her. He turn around and open the driver’s side and enter. He drive out of the restaurant. He press a button in the car and it’s starting singing ‘what makes a man by westlife ‘. Bisola is also singing along. It seems she love the song)

Hamez: you like the song?

Bisola: yea, I love westlife in particular

Hamez: i see, ‘what makes a man’…what really makes a man

Bisola: you have started your questions again? Well, someone that show love and care towards his woman

Hamez: really?

bisola: Yea

Hamez: so that’s the only thing that makes a man?

Bisola: yes now

Hamez: so woman won’t eat abi? what about the monetary aspect and work a man has to do to take care of his woman

Bisola: na you sabi. I don’t want to argue with you….

Hamez: you can’t even try…

Bisola: okay, tell me what makes a woman

Hamez:*smile* a woman who*his phone ring* (he look at the phone, it’s his motherp!) it’s mum(he pick it) hello mum

Mum: hello dear, how are you doing?

hamez: fine mum

Mum: I have a surprise for you pls can you come straight to my house now

hamez: surprise?

Mum: yea just come

Hamez: Ok, Bisola is with me.

Mum: Bisola, which Bisola?

Hamez: our neigbour in our former house

Mum: oh Bisola! Kindly give her the phone pls let me speak with her

Hamez: bisola, mum wanna speak with ya(he handed the phone to her. They speak like about 5mins before giving him the phone back)hello mum, I will be there in 15min

Mum: okay my dear, don’t be late oo

Hamez: yea mum(hang up). So are you following me to my our place or I should drop you at home?

Bisola: I will follow you, i really miss your mum too.

Hanez: okay then…
He drive to his parent’s house and press the horn to attract the gateman. The gateman come out to know the person.Immediately, he see him, he smiles

Gateman: small oga, this is your face. You don’t come to visit us since all these days wetin happen?You just dey shine like sun. Oga you cute ooo, Is that your babe?

Hamez: yea, just open the gate pls

Gateman: okay. you must see before you goooo, you know now

Hamez: no problem(he went to open the gate
Bisola: am I your babe

Hamez: who are you, woman?

Bisola: *laughing* you’re not serious. I can’t wait to meet your parent.

He quietly parked his car in the compound. The house is really huge and beautiful. It’s white and brown in colour. With beautiful flowers around. He opened the door and walked towards the door and flip it open without knocking. He’s very surprise with what he see….episode 4loading


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