In love with a chorister… Episode 4

I walk in with the greatest surprise of my life. I see the last person I would never think to see in the world right now. It’s Azeez! My one and only cousin, my partner in crime. The only person through the thick and thin back then. We almost look alike and do almost everything in common. I can’t imagine him as grown as this. He have grown big ooo. I can’t wait any second to give him my best hug. I hug him very tight like never let him go. ‘Azeez, is this for real? I really missed you’ I said stilll in his arm.

‘same here, cousin’ he said smiling. We greet eachother as we used to do back then whenever we have a successful mission. You know what I mean, maybe later. We exchange knuckles three times and draw back our hands for a very hot handshakes three times.

‘so you still remember this?’ I said really enjoying though it hurt but my happiness have overshadow it

‘yea, the blood still runs in my vein bro’ he replied and we can’t stop laughing

‘so, you won’t greet us now abi since you have see your cousin’ mum said jokingly

‘sorry mum, dad good evening’ i greet them then I remember that Bisola is with me.

I stand infront of the door watching the drama going on. I guessed it’s the same Azeez I know back then. I could remember how close they are, how they used to do some stupid, naughty things then. The street know them for their disturbance whenever they are in holiday but there is something fishy. His look has change, more tall and handsome but not as my Hamez. Oh! Did I just say my Hamez? Well, he’s still my Hamez. I stand waiting for them to shift their attention on me. After, sharing pleasantries, Hamez finally look at me. Then I walk towards them.

I look at her and see the mood I can even explain. She move closer to us

‘oh Mum, Bisola is here with me’ I said pointing at her, she is vvery close now

‘ahhh! Bisola, my daughter. Oju e re. Bawo ni everything? Mummy ko, daddy koh?’ She said with Bisola kneeling down

‘won wa ma’ bisola replied still on her knees

‘abi Bisola ko lele? Ahhh, o ma ti di big girl ke’ dad said adjusting his glasses.

‘I think this is re-union, abi dear? Mum asked

‘re-union indeed’ me and azeez said

‘eh, omo yin da, Damola!’ mum called

‘yes ma’ she answered

‘prepare a special dish for my guest now, pls be fast about it.’ mum ordered

‘but I don’t think I can eat now, I’m will be going home soon it’s getting late’ Bisola said

‘why now?’ dad asked

‘don’t mind her, I’ll drop her at home, So she get nothing to worry about, you’re safe with far you’re by my side. You won’t stop acting like a baby’ I said

‘ Hamez. You’ve started again abi? she asked pointing her pointing-finger at me

‘If you say a single word again then you’re sleeping at my house(everybody burst into laughter when I said this) *face damola*pls don’t be late Damola, I can’t wait to taste it’ I concluded

Dinner table
I keep looking at Bisola, she look like Hamez’s neigbour then but I think this one is calm, that one is very noisy and very stubborn.She will always poke her nose on what does not concerned her. I hate her like shit then but this is so pretty. oh! I love her smile but she is Hamez girlfriend I think.. I keep looking at her, suddenly she look at my side and she caught me looking at her. So, I wink at her and she smile back.

I keep wondering why Azeez is starring at Bisola. He wink, and she even smile back. I hope there is nothing fishy. oh gosh! Hamez, you’re jealous! Is she even your girlfriend yet? Hmmm. It’s true. I think i need to propose to her first but did I really need this talkative. mtcheew!

Oh My God! He even wink at me, that’s so cute. I love it when a guy wink, it makes me feel high. I just hope it not what I’m thinking…

‘are you enjoying the food’ Hamez’s mother asked interrupting my thought

‘yes, I love’s the most delicious food I have eVer tasted since I’m back’ Hamez said

‘ahhhhh!’ we chorused

‘yes now, if only I could steal Damola from you to come n’ be my cook. I will’ Hamez added

‘Hamez, you love food!’ His mother said

‘don’t mind them jare, you’re just like your father’ his dad said hilariously

‘ahhhh!’ we all laughed.

After the dinner, we gist and talk before I decide taking Bisola home. I have being noticing her since she’s not feeling comfortable again.

‘Mum,  dad, I think we should be going now…i wanna drop her’ I said

‘ok no problem, what about Azeez?’ Dad ask

‘I will be leaving too’ Azeez said smiling

‘why don’t you spend the night in my house’ I asked gently. He gently raise his eye ball and smile as if he’s an angel. ‘pls now, you know I missed you, let make it up with some drinks’. I added.

‘okay, I will’ azeez said accepting my offer.

‘Thanks bro’ i said hugging him

‘sha don’t drink too much?’ Dad said

‘trust your son dad’ I said pegging them and we leave. I hold Bisola hand in my arm, trying to be caring, you know now. I opened the passenger door for her and she enter and I rush back to the driver side.

‘hamez!’ Azeez suddenly call me

‘huh?’ I answered

‘don’t you think we should first drop at your house, so that I can park my car there and we move out with your car’

‘what about Mercy? She ought to be home now’ I asked

‘we won’t wait long now’

‘alrighT, let go’ I said and get into my car. I inform Mercy on the late development, she first frown but I tell her we won’t take long and she agree. I drive first and Azeez follows, I keep stealing glance intentionally at Mercy. She notice this and I’m happy about it.

‘hey you! Why the glance?’ she said poking my face

‘hmmm, don’t mind me. You know what?’ I asked

‘what’s that?’

‘you’re extremely beautiful’

‘hmmm, thank you’

‘is that aall you gonna say?’

‘what else do you want me to say?

’em, no problem’

‘what again?’

‘nothing now’


‘i just hope you enjoy our date?

‘sure I do’

‘thank God’

‘you’re just funny’ she said blinking her tiny eyes
Later, we arrived at my house, I just pick two or some things and get back into my car, Hamez also join us, I wish I could tell Mercy how I feel but It’s so stupid to that infront of Azeez so I keep driving to Mercy’s house. On getting there, Azeez do something funny….To be continue…


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