i’m not afraid

I’m not afraid
My uncle hold my mum who was crying and screaming my dad’s name
‘Kunle! Kunle! Pls don’t do this to me. We don’t plan it this way. Pls don’t leave me!’ My mum was screaming loudly.
I was in the corner weeping, though I don’t know what really happened but I knew something bad has happened. I walked gently to my mum and asked her.
‘Mum, what happened to my dad? I asked curiously with tears falling like a rain from my sky eyes
‘David, your daddy has left us. He has left us o!’ she said still crying bitterly.
I was too young to understand those words. I’m just 7yr old then. I was still contemplating on it when I heard my uncle calling one of our relatives
‘Daddy Seun, Kunle is dead o!’. I was very shocked when I heard this words. ‘does that means I won’t see my daddy again? I once heard that any person that is dead can never be see again. It’s now dawn of me that my caring dad is dead. The only dad who buy ice cream for me every day. The only dad that taught me how ride a bicycle. The only dad that convey me to school every morning is dead. The only dad that told me not be scare of anything in life is dead. I was deep in thought when what happened the past 12hrs ago flashed back in my head

My mum was in the kitchen while I was reading a story in the sitting room. I buried all my face in the book with full concentration without knowing my dad is behind me. Suddenly I heard a shout at my back and I was very afraid that I cried out loud screaming ‘my mummy!. He came closer to me and pet me on my back.
‘where are you running to? He asked sarcastically
‘dad, it’s you. You scare me.’ I said wiping away my tears with the back of my hand.
‘you don’t need to be afraid. I have always told you to be like me. I’m brave and nothing scare me. When I was like you I’m not AFRAID of anything even DEATH.’ he said smiling with part of his face. He brought out an ice cream from his nylon bag and gave it to me. Mummy came in at that moment
‘Ahh, Kunle, why do you scare my son? Mum asked with little frown on her face
‘Mummy, don’t worry. I will also scare him tomorrow. I promise’ I said licking my ice cream.
‘I trust my son’ my mum said as she came closer to me and give a mother’s hug. My mum later walked my dad to his room . I was now alone in the sitting room thinking of something foolish to scare my dad.
A lot of thought went through my head but finally I found the most pleasing one

The next Morning, when I noticed that my dad is in the bathroom. I silently walked into her room and went to where his phone is. I picked it up and searched for Dog’s tone which I once heard from his phone some days ago. Fortunately, I found it. I stayed in the wardrobe waiting for my dad to come and change. Two minutes later, he came out of his bathroom. Immediately I noticed this, I place my finger on the play button waiting for him to open the wardrobe. Immediately he opened the wardrobe, I put on the tone and shout on him. He was very afraid that he move back very fast and fell down banging his head on one of the edge of the bed due to his watery feet and the slippery tiles. I was laughing loudly before I noticed my father is not talking anymore. I quickly run to my mum who was in the kitchen.
‘Mum! Mum! Dad had fell down? I said beating his hand
‘where?’ she asked
‘in his room’ I replied as we run to his room. This time, blood was rushing out from his head. We called our neighbour who later assisted us for conveying him to the hospital. Later, my uncle met us there. What have I done? Now my mum said he is gone and my uncle said he is dead.
‘But my dad is not afraid of death’
‘my dad is not a coward’
‘he can never leave us’
‘he can never die’
‘he will conquer death’
‘he said he is not afraid of anything?
‘he promised me he will always be there’
With these thoughts flowing in my head. I run to the bed he lied down on. I started calling my dad
‘dad! Dad! Pls wake up. I’m sorry to scare you. I won’t scare you anymore, pls wake up dad’ I said as I beat his chest.
‘daddy! Daddy! Daddy!’ I shouted into his ear. Suddenly, he sneezeed and opened his eyes. He opened his eyes and see me beside him. He couldn’t talk but stretched his hand. immediately I saw this I ran to call my mum who was still crying like a baby.
‘mum!mum!, dad has wake up. Come and see!’ I told my mum dragging his hand. She reluctantly followed me perhaps she thought I’m just fooling around. My mum got there, she was extremely surprised to see my father with his eyes opened wide. She quickly went straight to called the doctor who was also amazed.

Two days later, my dad was discharge.
‘dave, don’t do that again. what you did the other time was bad and could take someone life. You no I have hypertension ‘ he advised softly
‘and what did he do? My mum interrupted. My dad narrated everything that happened to her and she drew me closer to beat me but my dad rescue me from her.
‘i’m sorry dad, I don’t know you’re afraid of Dog’s tone. I thought you’re not afraid of anything’ I said this and everybody burst into laughter.
Author: D’Eniex


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