In Love with a chorister

In Love with A chorister
Episode 5
I heard Azeez laughing loudly, I can’t even imagine what can be the cause of his laughter. I look back to see Azeez eyes glue to his phone. I face Bisola and I realise she is also starring at me.
‘hey you!, why are you laughing?’ I asked curiously

‘oh! Did I disturb you? I’m sorry, this girl is very funny ooo, you need to see what she did to her brother.’

‘mtcheew, Is that why you’re laughing like a mad man, ahhhhhah’ I said mimicking him. I need nobody to tell me he is watching Mark Angel’s comedy.

‘infact, you haven’t changed a bit’ Bisola suddenly blurt out. I was so surprise that I turn my face on her and face Azeez back ‘what? Why are you looking at each other’ she asked

‘I said it, she is the Bisola I know, and you. You haven’t cnanged at all, you won’t stop poking your mouth into what is none of your business’ Azeez said and I can’t help but to laugh loudly.

‘so you remember me, I thought you didn’t’ Bisola said jokingly

‘Though I was doubting before, you have reveal yourself to me.’ He replied

‘You guys won’t stop being cat and dog’ I said amidst laughter. They never stopped arguing till we get to Bisola’s apartment. I put the car to a halt. ‘I hope you enjoy the date?’ I asked smiling{

‘You know what? I would have enjoyed it completely if not for Azeez. He will always spoil everrrything anytime he resurface. Thanks to you anyway’ She said jokingly

‘so am a troublemaker, isn’t it?’ said azeez

‘more than that…bye’ She said trying to open the door but I quickly locked it. My car have central lock. She try opening it but she can’t then she face me. I smile

‘so when next should I be expecting you and your trouble?’ I said smiling

‘is that why you locked the door?’ she asked curiously

‘yes…’ I said

‘alright, anytime you need my company’

‘thanks, ‘ i unlock the car and she get down

‘bye,’ she said

‘yea, take care’ I said as I waved slowly at her. She look beautiful everytime she smiles, I just can’t help starring at her. It makes me remember how we used to fight those days. That time she was ugly as baboon not physically but for her behaviour. It brings nothing but hatred, she is so garrulous! It’s like age have have found it way and collected those behaviour from her.

‘hey lover boy, what are you thinking? Are we not going therre again?’ Azeez suddenly disturb my thought.

‘oh! I’m sorry. come and sit here now’ I said pointing at the passenger sEat

‘alright’ he jump over instead of coming down from the car. Oh God! He is so stupid! I like him that way though

I open the door and walk into my bedroom, change my cloth and walk into the bathroom. I’m so exhausted, I have a quick shower and clean my body. I walk back to my bedroom and lie down as what happened keep playing back in my head. I know it’s him, no matter how you try you can never hide your behaviour for ever but honestly he have grown to be a handsome man but gosh! He haven’t changed all his childish way, I hate how he laughs, he laughs like a monster. That’s why I like Hamez more than him! I believed he is the one that corrupt him, I remember when they collected money from my boyfriend then. He came to our house to say hi to me but he met this two boys playing multiplayer in the compound. He asked for me but instead they look at him devilish saying he can’t even greet. Then they do those to him….

I started driving to a nearby club, when I remember what we did to Bisola boyfriend then. I tell Azeez if he could remember.

‘the you remember the day we punished JOHN, Bisola boyfriend then’ I said looking at his eyes for confirmation….

‘so you can’t greet abi?’ Azeez said

‘I’m sorry guys, good afternoon boys. Pls, I want to see Bisola is she at home?’ John asked

‘yes she is’ I replied him quickly, azeez quickly whisper to my ear as John was about coming in to her apartment.

‘hey, don’t go in’ azeeez said

‘why?’ John aSked looking curious

‘wire ni, her father is around unless you want him to fry you alive? Azeez lied

‘ahhh! Maybe I will come back, thanks guys’ he said as he try to leave

‘hey wait! Do you really want to see her?’ I asked

‘yes pls, is there anything you can do? He also asked

‘yes, we can help you that is if you can also help us, you know we should help eachother na, since you are also a guy like us’ I said

‘yes I will’ John replied

‘you see, we need only one thousand naira. We will call her out now’ Azeez said

‘one thousand! That’s too much na’ John said
almost screaming

‘then get outta here now!’ Azeez replied

‘ok,I will pay #500′ he said. Me and Azeez look at each other. We agreed and told him to bring it. We collected it and told him to wait we are coming. And we went to our backyard to untie our dog, wizzy. The dog is dead now maybe because of the bad things we have used that dog for, a car hit it. The Dog chase John. come and see run. He ran like a mad man. that’s how we teach John the lesson of his life. Later, Bisola came out to aske if we see John , instead we bursted into laughter’ I feel so pity for him… Azeez can’t stop laughing, infact tears have filled his eyes now. His laugh also affect me, I don’t know when I also started laughing. We are bad boys ooo. I’m still driving when my phone started ringing again. Guess who is it?
Written by D’eniex
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