episode 7
After Tina and A.Z’s girl have gone, I called him.

‘A.z,! A.Z! A.Z!’

‘hey, why are calling my name as if you got injured, what’s your problem again? He said jokingly

‘I just wanna rob mind with you. I want your help’ I said

‘what is it? let your boss hear…’ he said

‘who is your boss. You’re not serious at all’

‘Say what you wanted to say before I leave…I will soon be going home, I believe you know that and is the food ready?’ he said

Ahhhhhhh’see glutton, the food you cook, right?

‘so you mean she didn’t cook before she leave ?

‘who is she?

‘tina now’

‘that girl is a spoilt brat! She did the same thing the other day. That’s why I wanna talk to you’

‘see before you talk to me, I must feed my mouth first. Hunger no dey enter one belle, make word enter am’

‘ok, let me prepare indomie and egg’ i said as I rushed to the kitchen to prepare it. I quickly prepare the indomie and egg, within 5mins it’s done. So I serve it in two plate each with one fork. Immediately I enter the dining table, A.Z rush to me and collect his own. We sat at the dining table and eat. After the food I ask him.

‘so Azeez, I want you to advise me…I want this girl out of my life. Pls what can I do?

‘so you don’t like her?

‘i don’t even like her since the beginning. She is a brat! I want her out.I’ve done what I wish to do with her.

‘hmmm bad boy! Well, I got a plan

‘hmmm master planner, so tell me what’s the plan’?

‘just relax, A.Z is the one talking. Put your mind at rest. We gonna chase her like goat.

‘buT I don’t want to be the one at fault ooo, I don’t want anybody to think I’m the bad one.’

. Sir , trust me now, I must get going now’

‘Ahhh! So soon, why can’t you wait a bit longer, I enjoy your company Infact can you be living here

‘you’re not even serious, I get my own apartment now…i pls send me Tina facebook Id and number’

‘ok, but I’m feeling lonely oo’

‘then call one of your girls now’

‘Mtcheew’ I later give him the facebook ID and number. He left immediately and I started preparing to office. just then Bisola’s call enter.

‘hey Hamez, how are you?

‘I’m fine and you?

‘you don’t even call me to ask about me?

‘i was just planning to call you when you call enter.’ I lied

‘Ahhhh, Hamez!’


‘you can’t change, well I call to inform you about my birthday party, it’s 14th Of this month’

‘that’s next week, right?

‘Yes, so are you coming?’

‘sure I must be there, trust me’

‘oh! Really thanks’


‘okay let wait till then’

‘yea bye’


I hang up immediately, then the thought of Tina run through my head. I quickly call her to avoid trouble again’

‘hey dear, are you at home now?’

‘yes, I’m even sleeping your call wake me up’ She said with bedroom voice

‘oh! Sorry, I just wanna hear your voice, I will c all you later okay.

‘Yes, thanks dear…i love you’

‘love you too’ I hang up the phone hissing, ‘see this one, love or what did she say?’ You that will soon get into my trap, you will run like thunderbolt and disappear into the air. I quickly dress up and drive to my office.

Days after days, A.Z find a way to send Tina out of my life. He added her using a different dp, she later like him and they both share nude pics but A.z sent a fake one. So oneday as planned by A.z, i check through her phone and I see those pics. I used this as an excuse and we broke up and she left me. I’m now a free man.

One day, I receive a call from mumthat she wanna talk to me. I went to there.

‘Hamez, how old are you now? Dad asked with his thick voice

‘I’m Just 26yrs dad’ I said though surprise is written all over my face .

‘You know you’re not getting old. Hamez, I wanna see my grandchildren’ Mum said with full seriousness

‘Mum, don’t let rush things, you see this girls of nowadays. They ain’t ready for marriage, someone need to be very careful.’ I said

‘yes I know my son…but time wait for no one ooo’
dad added

‘what of Bisola? I thought you guys are….’mum said

‘hmmm mum, I can’t marry her, Bisola is a talkative, I can’t marry a girl like her’

‘hmmm, no problem. Just know that we are waiting ooo’ ‘mum said.

‘okay mum’ I said. I wait for 5mins before I leave there.

On my way home, I call A.Z

‘hello A.Z!

‘hey what’s up’

‘i’m fine, where are you now?

‘i’m at home, can you come over?

‘sure I will be on my way now’ I drive to A.Z’s house immediately. Within 5mins I’m already at the entrance. I press the bell, and a lady come out.

‘hey! Uncle Hamez? she hugged me tightly

‘Oh my God! Cythnia, you have grown big oo’ I said as I release her from my arms. Cythnia is Azeez’s sister, she is very cool and gentle. It’s been a long time I saw her. She welcome me inside and I walk into sitting room where I find him playing Ps4

‘hey guy’ i said

‘you’re here, so fast’

‘yea, you and this game, pls give me something to quish my thirst’ I said sitting on one of the sofa.

‘sorry brother, cythia pls bring me a juice from the fridge’ he commanded

‘i think I’ll be sleeping here tonight…’

‘you’re most welcome’ he said when cythnia come with a tray a cup and 5alive juice. She really knows what I like.

‘thanks dear’ i said after sipping some.

‘How is everything uncle, you have change a lot’ she said smiling

‘abi now, you too. You just feel like paying a visit to brother, right?

‘don’t mind her, she will always come whenever she want money’

‘ahhh egbon’ she said with her tiny voice

‘that’s a normal thing jare, don’t mind him’ I said

‘pls have you check the food?’ a.z asked with his eyes wide opened

‘hey, i’m coming’ cythnia said as she rush back to the kitchen. She later come back with the aroma of jollof rice in the air. She served the food and we all eat to our satisfaction. She’s really a good cook!
‘Brother i’m going ooo’ she said after washinf the dishes

‘and do i have problem with that? A.z asked jokingly

‘ahhh, what about the money will talk about’ she said with a little frown

‘you see, didn’t i tell you.*facing* I know she come for the money. Anyway give me your acct number let me send it.’ a.z said

‘thank you bro’ she said as she give his brother a peck

‘it’s ok…owo lomo’ a.z said as he send the money. I also send 30k to her as a compensation of the delicious food and for a the old time sake. She really appreciate it and thank me. Later, it remain me and A.z in the house.

‘This is boring ooo, let go and chiil now’ A.z said

‘woo, I’m tired jare. I wanna rest’ i said resting my head of the sofa, suddenly my phone started ringing again and I check the screen it’s Bisola

‘hey bisola, how are you doing?’

‘fine, I hope you don’t forget tomorrow sha’

‘Tomorrow? What’s happening tomorrow?

‘my birthday of course’

‘*chai! I don forget ooo’ oh, i never forget’
I lied

‘hmmm, just be there ooo’

‘no p, dear

‘bye’ she said as she hang up the phone

‘who is that?’ A.z asked

‘it’s Bisola, tomorrow is her birthday…’ I said

‘chaii, time to catch a new babe’

‘hmmm, a.z’….

….to be ……….continue
Written by d’eniex


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