IN LOVE WITHA CHORISTER episode 7 Hamez After Tina and A.Z's girl have gone, I called him. 'A.z,! A.Z! A.Z!' 'hey, why are calling my name as if you got injured, what's your problem again? He said jokingly 'I just wanna rob mind with you. I want your help' I said 'what is it? let … Continue reading IN LOVE WITHA CHORISTER


in love witha chorister episode 6

In Love witha chorister Episode 6 Hamez I look at my phone and I see Tina, the girl I met at Sandra's party. 'Oops! What do she want again? without thinking twice, I cut it. 'who is that?' Azeez ask 'Tina, I met her at Sandra's party.' I said 'who is Sandra?' He ask 'you … Continue reading in love witha chorister episode 6

In Love with a chorister

In Love with A chorister Episode 5 Hamez I heard Azeez laughing loudly, I can't even imagine what can be the cause of his laughter. I look back to see Azeez eyes glue to his phone. I face Bisola and I realise she is also starring at me. 'hey you!, why are you laughing?' I … Continue reading In Love with a chorister