When You Come Around

When you come around . You lay my gentle heart Upon A lovely ground On my face, you left a smile In my heart, a thousand joy is find All this happens when you come around. . your finger wipe away tears Your present chase away fear Your face beam with care Your hold my … Continue reading When You Come Around


No more you

No more you We used to be so close Shared problems and pains In sunshine or rains Yet buddy, you remain! . We used to hold hands Holding it very tight Resting on each other shoulders Nothing would never come between us . We did argue and fought Laugh together, sometimes cry Like iron sharpen … Continue reading No more you


IN LOVE WITHA CHORISTER episode 7 Hamez After Tina and A.Z's girl have gone, I called him. 'A.z,! A.Z! A.Z!' 'hey, why are calling my name as if you got injured, what's your problem again? He said jokingly 'I just wanna rob mind with you. I want your help' I said 'what is it? let … Continue reading IN LOVE WITHA CHORISTER

In Love with a chorister

In Love with A chorister Episode 5 Hamez I heard Azeez laughing loudly, I can't even imagine what can be the cause of his laughter. I look back to see Azeez eyes glue to his phone. I face Bisola and I realise she is also starring at me. 'hey you!, why are you laughing?' I … Continue reading In Love with a chorister

i’m not afraid

I'm not afraid My uncle hold my mum who was crying and screaming my dad's name 'Kunle! Kunle! Pls don't do this to me. We don't plan it this way. Pls don't leave me!' My mum was screaming loudly. I was in the corner weeping, though I don't know what really happened but I knew … Continue reading i’m not afraid

In love with a chorister… Episode 4

Hamez: I walk in with the greatest surprise of my life. I see the last person I would never think to see in the world right now. It's Azeez! My one and only cousin, my partner in crime. The only person through the thick and thin back then. We almost look alike and do almost … Continue reading In love with a chorister… Episode 4

IN Love with a Chorister…episode 3

As she entered, he waved to her. She see him and smile with side of her. She walk to him and seat infront of him with her face glooming with make-up. Bisola is a pretty girl even without make-up but the make-up add to it. It give her face a good shape. He call the … Continue reading IN Love with a Chorister…episode 3

In Love with a Chorister. Episode 2

The next day, Hamez was the first to wake up at around 6:00am. He went to where Tina is sleeping hoping she will have woke up but she was still sleeping. 'poor girl, she is very tired'. He won't want to disturb her so he went to take his bath and headed to bathroom. He … Continue reading In Love with a Chorister. Episode 2

In Love with a chorister. (Episode 1)

A guy in his early twenties is sitting in his sitting room watching documentaries from his big plasma. He buried all his attention to it until a call came in. 'hello....how are you....it's so...' That's Hamez phone ringing with Adele singing. Hamez quickly pick up the phone immediately he see the caller Eniex: Hamez, what's … Continue reading In Love with a chorister. (Episode 1)