I think we should give this a deep thought . why do people fall in love and get hurts? . the redish pretty cook! * just a taste you drive us a fool * Joy and smile are to rule the day * You pause along the way and fade away * Don't you have … Continue reading SAVING OUR HEART FROM FALLING


When You Come Around

When you come around . You lay my gentle heart Upon A lovely ground On my face, you left a smile In my heart, a thousand joy is find All this happens when you come around. . your finger wipe away tears Your present chase away fear Your face beam with care Your hold my … Continue reading When You Come Around

Lonely street boy

I'm a lonely street boy Just a boy around the corner I shambles with my shabby shoe To where ever it lead me to With my big conspicuous coat defending me from any weather I'm just a lonely street boy I devour any junks, just to feed my stomach's worms When night comes, I rests … Continue reading Lonely street boy


We used to live in a world A world so beautifully blunt and blind Until you came in and opened our vague eyes Just like the sun crawls out of the belly of the cloud Our lovely shack, you lead us out And modernized it into town You enslaved our sight and we couldn't see … Continue reading See-evil-lization